With a passion for fashion especially for a sober italian style with a hint of provocation, Kewin Lambert is proud of his latin origins. After several years thinking about it, he decided to launch his own clothing brand.

Once this initial process was behind him, progress was quick: brand registration, design of a first collection of T-Shirts for both women and men.

Now Paparazzi is back in business with V.I.P.s: DJ Antoine, rap singer Brasco and more...

Kewin has chosen Paparazzi, a word born in 1960 in the famous film directed by Federico Fellini: « La Dolce Vita ». In it the main character Marcello (played by Marcello Mastroianni) is often seen with a young photographer named Paparrazzo. Interviewed by the weekly newspaper “Oggi” at the time of the launch, Fellini’s wife and actress Giulietta Masina declared she created his name by putting together “pappataci” (ie small mosquitos) and “ragazzi” (ie young men).

Thus the mosquito feature in the brand’s logo together with other references to the film. Another collection “In Memory” honoursstars and key players in diverse domains : music, cinema, sports or even politics.As a new fashion brand, Paparazzi is aimed at men and women who enjoy life all of the time, who like showing off and initiating abuzz. Collections of T-Shirts, denims and accessories for Paparazzi stand out, with original patterns and tailored/slim fit that emphasize neatly the wearer’s shape.

On the luxury side the brand shows its originality with clothing items (cap, dress, polo shirt and jacket) in limited edition combining “Haute Couture” and high-end jewelry always with a fashionable and provocative edge.

Sober yet insolent, classy yet sexy: Paparazzi clothes definitely attract attention.